In 1989 Sorteks is established and joined to retail sector.Later on, Sorteks increased its shops day by day.

In 2006 Sorteks has started Brazilian brand which is “Boaonda” as Turkey distributor. In this way Sorteks is still offers comfort and orthopedic shoes to target customers. In 2007 Sorteks has started Spanish brand which is “Igor” as Turkey distributor. Igor shoes offers “mother&children” concepts all around the world.In addition Sorteks is still receives attention for parents.

In 2008 Sorteks has signed many deals with special shops for Attiba brand which is sell Italian winter boots.

In 2010 Sorteks started to manage new brands which are Moschino and Naturino and in this time Sorteks company started to produce its own brand. Buckhead is Sorteks’s new brand and it produces for woman and children categories.Sorteks’s aim is to export Buckhead to all world.

In 2013 Sorteks established its own online sale site and it is Brand City. In Turkey , Brand City is very popular online sale site especially for shoes category.

Sorteks’s first aim is to manage all own brands with quality. Sorteks team always offers services based on the principles of customer satisfaction and trust.